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[SSS] Shige Spam Sunday
an excuse to Shige-spazz once a week
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10th-Jul-2009 04:58 pm - HAPPY BRITHDAY SHIGE!
It's July 11th In Japan so that Means it's time to wish our dear Mr. Kato a very happy 22nd birthday!!

To celebrate I have created (and still in the process of creating) a Massive picspam that crashed my web browser TWICE I think there are around 500 pictures so have fun!!

21st-Jun-2009 03:07 pm - not much today but...

Would you like some Shige Spice?

I thought this was insanely funny. I haven't posted for a while either. :/

Happy Shige Spam Sunday!!!
7th-Jun-2009 09:45 pm - Cowabunga (this means pizza)
coolness muscles
Um. I'll just leave this here.

ETA: Read daelite's report from SEMINAR! ♥
5th-May-2009 02:52 pm - 83 icons very shige centric
Its not sunday here but.. this com lacks shige love. i want his love to spread!

2009 June Issues and some other magazines that were out for June or in May for June. Was hoping for more kawaii poses by them. oh well.
83 Icons - very very colourful. :)
I gave Shige his chin in his Back Stage icons. THere are two similar icons except for his slimmer and fatter chin. Choose one. XD

Number 50 to 55 is a set so please read the text okay?
There are 13 chibi shiges.


19th-Apr-2009 12:34 pm - Portable Shige
Gackt Whatever
It's Sunday. It's spam. It's Shige?

Went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in SF yesterday and had some fun at a vendor's booth in honour of Shige's ten years in the jimusho.

Click to see the results!Collapse )
18th-Apr-2009 11:46 pm - Shige picspam
★ || 1.
It's almost midnight and thus sunday over here, so here we go spamming for our lives!:D

I have made a Shige picspam, an image heavy one on top of that, and it can be found over here.

Enjoy and spread the Shige love, because he deserves it ! XD
29th-Mar-2009 06:56 pm - Cute Shige Videos
i notice there has not been much spamming... soo..uhh.. I'M SPAMMING! <3

Video from K.K.Kitty day's. A mix with Kusano and Koyama. But it's so awesome i had to share! 


Here are just a few links to a couple other Shige videos if you have time to kill :]
1) Shige interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Naw3m8QJBO4&feature=channel_page
2) Stripper Shige: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rz0A1LLFwM&feature=channel_page
3) Shige's prank of Yoyama: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze4ybHdKYhs&feature=channel_page

Hope you enjoy them!
9th-Mar-2009 07:59 pm - hey, wallpapers~!
i love yuma~
I know it ain't Sunday anymore, but this would be my first post...

I miss making wallies, so I ransacked my files for raw pictures to play with.


So I made:

[1] KoyaShige
[1] Koyama
[7] Russ-K

get them all and a lot more at my graphics community mirror_frosting
by the way, a request thread has been put up, HERE for graphics of any kind.
1st-Mar-2009 11:21 pm - Green
Hey everyone! So where I am it's March 1st. To celebrate this, the month in which we have St. Patrick's Day which we associate with the color green, I decided that the theme of today's post would be green! I know it'd probably be better suited closer to the day of, but eh. I think it's pretty much established that Shige's color in NEWS is green, so I figured it works.

In which Shige wears green. Or in some cases, something close to it.Collapse )
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